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HealthCarePlus originated in 1963 because the education unions were concerned about their members' health and wellbeing. You may remember us by our initial trading name; the Education Benevolent Society or EBS.

  • We now have three plans for eligible applicants to choose from, including plans that provide reimbursement for dental costs. Click here to find out more.
  • PSA members can join and enjoy the benefits available through HealthCarePlus Membership.
  • Your adult children can join by being linked through your HealthCarePlus Membership number. As our plans offer some of the most cost effective care in the market - this is a great opportunity for your family, even if they are no longer living at home!

Call us on 0800 268 3763 if you want to know more.

According to a recent article by Rob Stock in Stuff, the likelihood of timely treatment for your child may depend on your postcode. It appeared that DHBs continued to prioritise early childhood diseases in poorer communities, whereas other services appeared to be prioritised in more affluent areas. 

Last year one insurer paid out $55 million in health insurance claims for under 21 year olds, which represented 90% of the premiums that their parents paid to cover them!

The majority of claims are for the big four childhood elective surgeries: tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, grommet insertion, and the removal of teeth (when medically required, e.g. impacted or unerupted teeth).

Call 0800 268 3763 to talk to us about arranging Hospital Cover for your family.

HealthCarePlus 'day to day' health care claims:

Simply click here to download a claim form to your computer, 'Save', complete and email along with your supporting documentation to

HealthCarePlus Hospital Cover or Life & Disability claims:

  • Contact your HealthCarePlus Representative in the first instance. If you are not sure how to contact them call us on 0800 268 3763 so we can assist.

  • Alternatively if you prefer to contact the insurer directly;

  • Visit the insurance company website, directly or call them on the following numbers
  • Sovereign Assurance - 0800 500 195
  • nib (previously Tower & OnePath Hospital Covers) - 0800 123 642
  • Southern Cross Hospital policy - 0800 800 181
  • PartnersLife - 0800 145 433
  • AIA - 0800 800 242
  • Asteron - 0800 737 101
  • Fidelity Life - 0800 882 288
  • Onepath Life & Disability, claims only - 0508 464 666

  • Boost your diet

    Eating foods that are high in vitamin C will help keep your immune system strong, so include fruit and vegies such as lemons, kiwifruit, capsicum and broccoli in your weekly shop.

    Exercise regularly
    It's vital to keep to your workout regimen during winter, with a recent study showing that a moderate level of regular exercise has a long-term cumulative effect on immune response.

    Stay connected
    Socialising helps strengthen your immune system by keeping you active and reducing your stress levels, so avoid the temptation to rug up on the couch all winter.

    Scrub up
    Frequent hand washing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading illness as it limits the transfer of bacteria, viruses and other microbes (according to the Mayo Clinic in the US). This is important during winter when we tend to cough and sneeze more frequently. Wet your hands and lather up with soap for 20 seconds to help dislodge germs and rinse well under running water.

    Sleep well
    Lack of sleep can have a serious effect on your immune system, making you more vulnerable to catching colds. A study from Brazil found lack of sleep can result in a substantial decrease in the white blood cells that help to fight infection in the body.

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