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Recently you will have received a letter or email from us confirming that from 1 January 2019, UniMed will be managing your claims and all day to day management of your HealthCarePlus plans (i.e. Primary Care, Primary Care Extra & #care4U). The good news is that this change should be seamless from your perspective and you will be able to continue claiming as you always have done.

So what is different? After January 1st any claims being submitted need to be either;

  • Emailed to

  • Or

  • Posted to UniMed, PO Box 1721, Christchurch 8140

  • For all payment or claims queries after January 1st call 0800 600 666

    Whether you have a long list of gifts to buy or are planning time away over the holidays - We're sure some extra cash wouldn't go astray!

    1. Download a claim form here and note down all your claimable expenses for this year e.g. doctors/optometrist/physio visits (& dental if you have Primary Care Extra or #care4U)
    2. Photograph or scan all your receipts, ensuring that all patient/treatment details are clear and visible - often these details are obscured by eftpos receipts
    3. Email both the claim form and receipts to before Christmas
    4. If you are unable to get this through prior to December 31st all claims after this date need to be emailed to 

    Insurance is about having 'Peace of Mind' when life throws curve balls. Having a HealthCarePlus Hospital cover for you (and your family) means that you can have choices about when and where to be treated, if one of you need surgery.

    Our New Zealand public health system does a great job of handling emergency treatment, however when it's not deemed an emergency, having HealthCarePlus Hospital Cover can literally take the pain out of waiting, by getting you treated sooner.

    Every week across New Zealand, families are faced with the need for non urgent surgery and typical examples include the following:

  • Impacted Wisdom tooth extraction - often starting from $1,000 per tooth
  • Medically necessary Rhinoplasty (surgery to improve nasal breathing) - from $14,000
  • Tonsillectomies - start from just over $3,000
  • Knee replacements - start at just over $20,000

  • Arranging your Hospital Cover through HealthCarePlus means that when you have a surgical claim you can also claim back up to $500 of your surgical excess, if you also have a Primary Care or Primary Care Extra plan.

    To find out more contact us on 0800 268 3763


    Three of our HealthCarePlus Members know 'It's Good to Belong' after each winning a $100 Prezzy Card by upgrading their Primary Care plans to Primary Care Extra during the recent campaign.

    Congratulations to:

  • Alison Gibbs
  • John Ready
  • Han Cham 

  • Han was presented her prize by HealthCarePlus Representative David Perreau
    The HealthCarePlus office will close for Xmas at midday on December 21st and UniMed will be available to take any payment or claims calls from January 3rd 2019 - 0800 600 666

    The HealthCarePlus enquiry line will be closed from midday December 21st and will be available again for your enquiries from 8am on Monday January 7th 2019 - 0800 268 3763

    Important Reminders   

  • Remember that your adult children can now become HealthCarePlus Members by being linked through your existing Membership number. Simply have them apply online here and apply under the 'family/whanau/non-union member rates' option.

  • Next year - are you..............

  • Retiring? 
  • Starting a new role? 
  • Moving worksites? 
  • Not earning? 
  • Changing union membership?
  • Taking leave without pay? 

  • Don't forget to let us know so we can make sure your important HealthCarePlus benefits continue! Call us on 0800 800 441 to notify us of any changes

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    For "Fast-Track" claims Email copies to
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